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DefTech Pro

Protect your digital footprint



Shield your online activities with complete anonymity, ensuring your connection data remains hidden at all times.


Tired of overwhelming amount of online ads. Take control by using our powerful filters to eliminate them all!

Data Leaks

Keep your personal information secure by checking for any existing data leaks. Safeguard your sensitive data with confidence.

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Flexible plans

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1 month


1 year



For more info check out our FAQ section dedicated for streaming. Or contact us via email or live-chat

How does DefTech Pro function?

Using DefTech Pro is effortless! Simply select the feature that suits your needs and customize your experience for enhanced security, or let us handle it for you with a single tap.

How do I get started with DefTech Pro?

To begin, choose a plan that aligns with your requirements or try out our premium features with a free trial. Download the app, and you're all set!

Is DefTech Pro completely free?

While DefTech Pro operates on a subscription-based model to ensure the best and most secure experience, you can still explore our app with a free trial.

Does DefTech Pro support my device?

Absolutely! DefTech Pro is specifically designed for iOS devices and supports most current models, ensuring compatibility and seamless performance.

Are there any limitations with DefTech Pro?

No, there are no limitations. Enjoy your online experience just as you normally would, but with the added benefit of enhanced security provided by DefTech Pro.