Privacy Policy

DefTech Pro June 4, 2023

Our privacy policy at DefTech Pro (the "Policy") describes how a developer (also referred to as "we", "us", and the "Company") collects, uses, discloses, and protects our users' information.

This policy applies only to the DefTech Pro product suite and not to our website or other products.

It is essential that you evaluate this policy frequently, as we may occasionally make modifications. If you have given us permission, we may notify you of any changes via email, in-app messaging, or push notifications.


To provide our users with greater transparency, we wish to clarify the information that we do not acquire.


We collect no information about how you utilize the VPN connection, including the applications, services, or websites you access while connected to our service. Additionally, we do not retain or collect your original IP address or the IP address of the server you connect to. Moreover, we do not record DNS queries made while using our service.


As a provider of internet privacy and security, we place a premium on our users' privacy and aspire for complete openness. We believe that trust is an integral part of our relationship with our users, and that building that trust requires complete candor.

To assist you in understanding what information we collect, how we collect it, and why we collect it, we have categorized it.


Registration date (e.g. 2018/09/01), which is automatically collected during account registration.

Subscription status (e.g. 2018/09/01 - 2018/10/01), which is automatically collected when users make a purchase.

The only purpose we collect such information is to provide quality user support


Operating system (e.g. iOS 11.3.1-10,000,000), which is collected when the user opens the DefTech Pro app.

App version (e.g. Version 6.1_132_432908b), which is collected when the user opens the DefTech Pro app.

Daily active users (e.g. 2018/09/01-19,000,000), which is collected when the user opens the DefTech Pro app.

User geodemographics (e.g. US-100,000,000), which is provided by the App Store and Google Play Store.

This information helps us to better understand our users and plan for product improvements that will enhance the user experience and satisfaction.


Server location (e.g. US-California server 1), which is automatically collected during VPN connection.

Connection time stamp (e.g. Connected@15:30 2018/05/15), which is automatically collected during VPN connection.

Error report (e.g. Error_Userdoesnotallowconfiguration), which is automatically collected when VPN connection fails due to an error.

Network type (e.g. 4G), which is collected by the analytics service provider.

This information is ONLY used for troubleshooting and optimizing the VPN service. It WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED from our system within 96 hours.


Analytics data (e.g. App crash report, in-app page engagement), which is collected when interacting with DefTech Pro.

Advertising data (e.g. iOS ad identifier - IDFA, Android ad master identifier),

These data assist us in analyzing the efficacy of the application and its features, as well as providing the necessary support for our free VPN service. Please note that we do not share the information we collect from your use of DefTech Pro with third-party advertisers.

For more information about our analytics service providers, please consult the applicable provider's privacy statement.

Appsflyer: product/data-privacy/


We are committed to protecting the privacy of our consumers and have implemented the following measures:

Support and accounting have restricted access to data pertinent to their respective positions.

After 96 hours, the VPN connection data in our system is permanently deleted.

We have a team that routinely reviews relevant regulations, rules, and laws to ensure privacy protection. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any queries or requests regarding user privacy. Within 48 hours, our devoted team will respond to all of your requests and inquiries.


We use cookies on our website to help us provide better services. Specifically, we use the following types of cookies:

Session cookies: they keep your preferences and logins on our site.

Google Analytics: This service helps us to analyze the performance of certain pages on our website as well as to track the efficiency of our advertising campaigns. For more information, see the Google Analytics privacy policy. technologies/types


GDPR COMPLIANCE: In accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), all users subject to the GDPR have rights regarding their personal data:

The right to be informed about what data DefTech Pro collects, as outlined in this Policy.

The right to receive a copy of the data we collect upon request, though please note that this may take up to 30 calendar days to complete.

The right to request to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information about you.

The right to request to delete the information we have about you, though please note that some payment information may need to be retained as per tax law.

The right to request to suspend processing your personal data.

The right to receive a copy of the data we collect in a common format upon request, though please note that this may take up to 40 calendar days to complete.

The right to object to our processing of your personal data.

The right to be informed about profiling or any automated decision making.


It is essential to check this page frequently for updates to our Privacy Policy, as we may occasionally make modifications. When we make modifications, we will designate the date of the most recent revision and make the revised Policy accessible via our Service. By continuing to use our Service after these modifications have been implemented, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the revised Policy. In the event that any changes to the Policy significantly affect your rights or responsibilities, we will make every effort to notify you in advance via a prominently displayed Policy on the Service, via your contact information, or by other means.


Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us via